Home Care: Helping Your Elderly Loved One Live Independently

The Caregiver’s Guide to Home-Based Elder Care

As society grows older, more and more people are living with chronic illnesses. According to the World Health Organization, about 191 million people live with some form of dementia worldwide–a number that is expected to increase as our population continues to age. One way for elderly loved ones to stay healthy and independent in their own homes is through home care services. They can be a vital part of managing your loved one’s health by providing assistance with daily living tasks such as cooking meals, taking medication, or bathing.

Home Care Dulwich

A home care provider can also make sure your loved one is getting enough exercise, eating a healthy diet, and seeing the doctor on schedule. In addition to providing hands-on assistance with daily tasks for elderly loved ones who are able to live independently, there are many other services that caregivers may provide. These include companionship or emotional support; help in completing financial or legal matters including managing finances and paying bills; transportation to appointments such as medical visits or shopping trips–all of which can be vital for maintaining independence among the aging population.

Home Care Dulwich providers are not only there to help with the day-to-day, but can also provide emotional support and companionship for their clients. This is important because elderly people often don’t have many visitors or get as much contact from friends and family members as they used to when they were younger. In order for an elder loved one to keep living independently at home, having a caregiver that provides emotional support can be crucial in maintaining some independence while aging in place.